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All the plans include the benefit of 7 E-Books📚 and Premium content🎁

おにぎりプラン 5$

You will join the Private Discord Community!

There are 4 native Japanese in the Discord channel and they help you to enjoy learning Japanese! Of course, there are Japanese learners like you in Discord👬

In the Discord Community, you can ask questions, make suggestions for the next video, receive updates… etc

寿司プラン 10$

You will get the benefit of おにぎりプラン🍙

You will also get an invite to exclusive channels on our Discord for the “Writing in Japanese challenge💪“.

Every week, you have a topic you write in Japanese and native Japanese will correct your sentences! If you’d like to improve your writing skills, this plan is for you💃🕺

We prepare some topics and you can choose a topic you’d like to write😉

We will give you the google document file. When you finish, please let the Japanese members know on Discord. We will check your sentences like this👇

Every week you can write and improve your writing skills⤴️ It costs 10$ a month, but a week around 2.5$👍